Sunday, April 27, 2008

Breaking Down the Draft

The Colts, again, had great draft. They always say Bill Polian does what no one suspects. This year, everyone thought that linebacker and guard were positions that, even though they lost players there, they wouldn't cover early. Well, the first two picks were Mike Pollack and Phillip Wheeler. The Colts covered all of the needs, and there are still some fantastic undrafted free agents that the Colts could and probably will sign. Here is the breakdown of the draft.

2nd (59th)-Mike Pollak/C or G/Arizona State: At first glance, the Colts drafting a center is a little strange. Jeff Saturday is easily the best center in the NFL, and offensive line is definitely not a huge need. But then after really thinking about it, right guard is wide open for competition, and Jeff Saturday is not young as well. Pollak will be the leader for the right guard spot coming into training camp. Pollak's strength is his strong point, and his main weakness is his size, which allows him to be pushed around by nose tackles. Pollak will be a big contributor whether he is starting or giving Dylan Gandy or Charlie Johnson a break.

3rd (93)-Philip Wheeler/LB/Georgia Tech: Wheeler is one of the fastest linebackers in this draft. With the loss of Rocky Boiman and possibly Rob Morris, the Colts need a little depth at linebacker. Wheeler was recruited by Georgia Tech as a defensive end, so he could be moved in pass rushing situations. Wheeler is versatile enough to play oustide linebacker, middle linebacker, and defensive end. If injuries become a problem again, he could be a key player at multiple positions. Wheeler's strength is his speed, and his weakness is his size.

4th (127)-Jacob Tamme/TE/Kentucky: With the loss of Ben Utecht, Jacob Tamme could be a main target for Peyton Manning. Tamme played on the explosive Kentucky offense alongside Andre Woodson, Rafael Little, and Keenan Burton, so he is used to having great talent around him. It will be interesting to see his blocking ability, which could be helpful in short yardage situations, which the Colts struggled a bit in last year. Tamme's strength is his speed, and his weakness is his strength.

5th (161)-Marcus Howard/DE/Georgia: I have no idea how Marcus Howard fell this far. Howard has the potential to be one of the premier pass rusher in the entire league. Luckily for the Colts, Howard was available here, and we picked him up. Howard will be used as a pass rushing specialist on third downs. With Howard, quarterbacks like Billy Volek will not be able to pass on us. Howard's strength is his speed, and his weakness is his size.

6th (196)-Tom Santi/TE/Virginia: The Colts are definitely set at tight end for the future. They signed Dallas Clark long-term, and now they have 2 rookie tight ends. Santi will be used more as a blocking tight end, even though he can still catch. He led the Cavs in receiving yards and touchdowns per game. His strength is his blocking, and his weakness is his lack of speed.

6th (201)-Steve Justice/C or G/Wake Forest: Out of the centers the Colts took today, Justice is the most likely to actually stay at center. Saturday will be his mentor, and he is expected to take over for him in the near future. Justice's strength is his football IQ, and his weakness is his lack of experience in a pro style blocking system.

6th (202)-Mike Hart/RB/Michigan: This was the sexiest pick of the Colts draft. Hart is a superstar and former Heisman contender that fell in the draft because he is not a combine player. Hart will be a change of pace back for Addai and will help keep Addai healthy. Hart's strength is his aggressive running style, and his weakness is his durability.

6th (205)-Pierre Garcon/WR/Mount Union: I'd never heard of Garcon before today. He went to Division III Mount Union, and he was never projected to be drafted. Garcon's strength is his quickness, and his weakness is his lack of competition in college.

7th (236)-Jamey Richard/C or G/Buffalo: Richard is another interior lineman. Last year against San Diego, the Colts barely could field an offensive line because of injuries. Now, they have much better depth. Richard's strength is his footwork, and his weakness is his lack of athleticism.

With these picks, here is what the Colts pre-UDFA 53 man roster.

Peyton Manning
Jim Sorgi

Joseph Addai
Mike Hart
Kenton Keith

Reggie Wayne
Marvin Harrison
Anthony Gonzalez
Roy Hall
Devin Aromashodu
Pierre Garcon

Dallas Clark
Bryan Fletcher
Jacob Tamme
Tom Santi

Tony Ugoh
Michael Toudouze

Ryan Lilja
Jamey Richard

Jeff Saturday
Steve Justice

Mike Pollak
Dylan Gandy

Ryan Diem
Charlie Johnson

Dwight Freeney
Robert Mathis
Marcus Howard
Josh Thomas
Keyunta Dawson

Ed Johnson
Raheem Brock
Quinn Pitcock
Darrell Reid

Tyjuan Hagler
Ramon Guzman

Gary Brackett
Phillip Wheeler

Freddie Keiaho
Clint Session

Marlin Jackson
Kelvin Hayden
Tim Jennings
Dante Hughes
Michael Coe
TJ Rushing

Antoine Bethea
Brannon Condren

Bob Sanders

Adam Vinatieri

Hunter Smith

Justin Snow


Shake'n'bake said...

You only have 52.

SS Matt Giordano

There you're set.

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Can't wait. Thanks for doing all of that research for me Irish. Keep the good stuff coming.

Local Team Homer said...

Whoops. I accidently deleted him. I'll go with Giordano. Of course, this roster will undergo a change with the UDFAs. I think Silva will either beat Condren out for a roster spot or knock off Aromashodu or Rushing.