Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick Colts Mock Draft

There is nothing really to explain. The Colts have 9 picks, and here's what I think they will do with them come draft weekend. I will not give us Chris Long, Darren McFadden, Keith Rivers, etc. This will be realistic.

2nd-Chris Johnson/RB/ECU
3rd-John Greco/OT/Toledo
4th-Rudolph Hardie/DE/Howard
5th-Arman Shields/WR/Richmond
6th-Joey Haynos/TE/Maryland
6th-Titus Brown/DE/Mississippi State
6th-Kory Lichtensteiger/C/Bowling Green
7th-Bernard Morris/QB/Marshall

All of these guys have been getting interest from the Colts. The only stretch on their is Lichtensteiger, who is projected as an early 6th rounder. I wish I could have fit in Jack Williams, but Hardie and Shields are too good to pass up right there. Corner isn't a huge need for now, depending on what we do with Hayden this offseason. With this draft, the big needs like running back, offensive line, and defensive end are covered. This may be the best possible draft.


5150 said...

Why in the hell would the Colts take a QB, even in the 7th round

Local Team Homer said...

The Colts have been looking for a new backup because sources say that Polian isn't too happy with Sorgi. The Colts attended the Marshall Pro Day to scout him.