Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I Tell You???

Didn't someone say Rob Morris and Booger McFarland would be cut? I remember some great, intelligent blogger saying that Morris and McFarland wouldn't be back. Yep. I called it. Hopefully this luck carries over for March Madness. I would love to win some cash for my psychic ability. Too bad I will go with some homer pick like Notre Dame-Butler in the championship. It's just nature.

Well, if you made it through my ramblings, here is the link to the article. Just ignore the meaningless cuts below. I guess this didn't deserve a full article.

I love this move. According to Colts Cap, the Colts had about $2.58 million in cap, so this move should put them at about 10 million. What does that mean? Polian has some more leniency in the draft, free agency, and resigning. With $10 million, the Colts can resign Matt Giordano, Rocky Boiman, Derrell Reid, and Ben Utecht with enough cap space to sign all of our draft picks. This was a great move, Irsay and Polian. Cutting useless players, so we can improve our team with young players. Way to go. Now make my prediction of a Super Bowl XLIII win come true as well. I'm counting on you guys!

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