Saturday, January 12, 2008

And He's the Defensive Player of the Year

Bob Sanders can do it all. He can play the run, he can play the pass, and he can beat the Flash and Superman in a footrace. Here is a montage of the ten best Bob Sanders facts circulating on the internet right now. Note that these are all 100% true. Everything said is true*

10. 70% of the Earth is covered by water. The rest is covered by Bob Sanders.

9. They once made a Bob Sanders edition of Clue, but they stopped selling it because the result was always the same. Bob Sanders in the secondary with a spear tackle.

8. Death once had a "Near Bob Sanders Experience".

7. Bob Sanders tackled the inner-city violence problem...for a four yard loss.

6. Bob Sanders' dreads are pound for pound the hardest and most durable substance on Earth, making him the only player in the NFL to wear a helmet for the other team's protection.

5. Bob Sanders let Tom Brady live because Bob doesn't kill women.

4. Bob Sanders knows the ending to the Sopranos, but he won't give away the ending. He did mention that Tony wouldn't be seen wearing a Patriots hat anytime soon.

3. When you rearrange the letters in Bob Sanders name, you find what he told Tony Dungy separates themselves from the rest of the league. "Badness Bro!"

2. Bob Sanders like his ice the same way he likes his New England Patriots: crushed.

1. Bob Sanders invented black. In fact, he invented the entire color spectrum of invisible light. Except pink. Tom Brady invented pink.

I know. You all are probably to busy "LOLing" to continue reading, but there is actual news to get to.

~Ben Utecht is questionable with a shoulder injury and T.J. Rushing is probable with an illness. Utecht needs to play. An H-back like him makes a huge difference in the passing game. Rushing playing would definitely help the return game. He has one kick return for a touchdown this season. However, on defense, he may never see the field. The Colts rarely use the dime package, and they won't against a team who runs a two back formation.

~On the other side of the field, Antonio Gates is doubtful with a dislocated toe, Lorenzo Neal is questionable with a broken fibula, Nate Kaeding is probable with a fibula injury, and Antonio Cromartie is probable with an illness. Gates will not play, and if he does, he will be very ineffective. Neal may play, but a blocker should have trouble coming back from a serious leg injury. Kaeding being injured sounds reminiscent of Adam Vinatieri's injury against the Chargers in Week 10. Cromartie's illness will be about as significant as the af2.

~The Indianapolis Star ran an article on Phillip Rivers' maturity. They are talking about his work ethic, but the big question is his behavior. We've all seen the taunting against Denver. A quarterback taunting is a joke. They can't even be touched, and now they are taunting opposing QBs? Maturity is definitely a problem, but not for the Colts.

~The Patriots and Jaguars play tonight on a game that can only be considered "win-win" for Colts fans. If the Jags and Colts win, the Colts will have one more game in the Dome against a team they have already topped two times this season. If the Pats and Colts win, the Colts can get revenge for a loss earlier in the season, and they get to end the perfect season.

I'd like to thank the guys who came up with the Bob Sanders facts. All of you are brilliant. We (or me) here at Pro-Colts Stuff love the facts. GO COLTS!

*All of the facts are in fact, false. Except for number 2. and 1. and 5.

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