Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Draft Clock Is Ticking (Round 3)

The Colts really don't have very many needs. They have one of the greatest QBs in NFL history. They have a Pro Bowl running back. They have two future Hall of Fame receivers not to mention a fantastic slot receiver coming off of his rookie year. The offensive line is very good when healthy. Dallas Clark is a great tight end. The defensive line has improved in the run game. The linebackers are great. The secondary is the best in the league. However, it never hurts to get more depth. In the third round, there are some prospects that really stand out. Here are my top 3.

Ben Moffitt/LB/South Florida: Moffitt is insanely fast. Don't pay attention to his 40 time (4.68), he plays as fast as any first round prospect at linebacker. His amazing performance against West Virginia really stood out. The problem with him is apparently he is an idiot. His wife (!?) came out and said she was allegedly doing his work. The Colts don't need someone who is illiterate.

Greyson Gunheim/DE/Washington: First, props to Greyson's parents for giving him the coolest name ever. Second, Gunheim is very fast. Josh Thomas is a good defensive end, but he's slower than a fat guy on a segway. The Colts need a third down specialist. I do think that they should try to get Mark Anderson in a trade with the Bears, maybe using this pick. Anderson is phenominal and would make this defensive line much better in the pass rush.

Adam Kraus/OG/Michigan: Kraus is a very, very underrated guard for Michigan who could also play center in the pros. The Michigan offensive line was one of the best, if not the best, in the nation this year. The Colts need a backup guard, and Kraus could fill that role easily.

My pick here would be Adam Kraus. Remember that I had the Colts taking Kevin Smith in the second round. Kraus should be able to replace Ryan Lilja/Jake Scott next year or be able to wait behind Dylan Gandy. Either way the Colts need a new interior lineman. Kraus should be a star in the future.

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