Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Should They Stay or Should They Go?

It's the offseason now. Man. Offseason time. Well, I guess it is time to talk about free agents. The Colts have 15 contracts that are out. They need to get to work on signing some of them and ditching the rest. Here is are the players they SHOULD (notice I said should, not can) keep and who they shouldn't. These are in order by importance for the ones who should be resigned. The ones who are leaving are in order by how quickly they should be cut.

Keep the Jersey

Dallas Clark, TE: Clark has to stay. I don't care how they do it. Clark needs to be in Indy next year. He is one of Peyton's favorite targets. He will probably get the franchise tag and get a long term contract in 2009 when they get more cap room.

Ryan Lilja and Jake Scott, OG: To be honest, I don't care which one they keep. They just have to keep one of them. The Colts have pretty good depth on the offensive line, and I'm sure they could dig up another player to play guard effectively. They are interchangeable. To be honest, I could not tell them apart. They are just the offensive guards. Just keep one, and let the other walk.

Ed Johnson, DT: Ed Johnson got a one year contract for being an undrafted free agent. I guess 31 teams are bummed they didn't pick up this guy at one point in the draft. Legal problems smeagol problems (hehe Smeagol), he is awesome. He got into a little trouble at Penn State, but I don't think that is out of the ordinary for students there. The 80 year old head coach was in trouble for road rage! He should have been taken much higher than he was. The Colts could get him for pretty cheap due to his inexperience.

Darrell Reid, DT/ST: Darrell Reid deserves to be resigned just for that hit against Tennessee. Chris Henry is probably still dazed. However, Reid was a bright spot on a horrendous special teams unit. He was always the first one down the field, and he's a defensive tackle. He isn't needed on defense, but he is a Pro Bowl-caliber player on special teams.

Bryan Fletcher, TE: Fletcher is a very good H-back who never gets to play due to Utecht. He was phenominal in the first Chargers game, but he couldn't see the field again. I don't know why. He's a good player. The Colts should resign him.

Matt Giordano, SS: Bob Sanders is great, but he has had an injury problem. Giordano nailed Bo Scaife and LACERATED HIS LIVER! He lacerated a liver. Talk about a hard hitter. He had an interception return against New Orleans early in the year. I want him to come back, but he could be a star for another team.

Rocky Boiman, OLB: Rocky Boiman is a very capable linebacker who fits in well with the Tampa 2. He could be resigned for cheap--Under $1 million--and he would be great for rotating in with Tyjuan Hagler.

Dylan Gandy, C/G: Dylan Gandy has been Jeff Saturday's backup for a few years now, but he is ready to be a starter at guard. He will replace Jake Scott or Ryan Lilja.

Clean out your locker, son. You're out of year

Aaron Moorehead, WR: Please, Moorehead. Just leave. You're terrible. If you do come back, you will be behind Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, Roy Hall, Devin Aromashodu, and a new wide receiver I will address later in the blog. Buh-bye, Aaron.

Dan Klecko, DT: Sorry, Kleck. You were a star in 2006 when you came in as a fullback in goal line situations. But now, you have been replaced on offense by Luke Lawton and on defense by numerous new defensive tackles. Adios, Klecko.

Craphonso Thorpe, WR: See Moorehead. He is only ranked higher because he is a good returner, but that's why the Colts have TJ Rushing, who was great at the end of the year. So long, Crap-honso.

Ben Utecht, TE: I can't wait for the sucker team that picks up Utecht. I bet he will get a giant contract due to his fairly good season, but any Colts fan knows that he drops way too many catches, and when he does catch them, he fumbles. See ya later, alligator.

Josh Thomas, DE: Thomas stepped up fairly well when Freeney went down. However, the Colts will get Freeney back next year along with hopefully a more matured Keyunta Dawson and Jeff Charleston. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, Josh.

In Other News!!!

~You know that new wide receiver I was talking about? His name is Courtney Roby. Roby was a former receiver for the Tennessee Titans who didn't play in the 2007 season. The Titans are normally taking players from the Colts (e.g. Nick Harper, David Thorton, Corey Simon, Gilbert Gardner, Ben Hartsock), but now the Colts are picking up some old Titans. Courtney Roby, who played at North Central High School in Indianapolis and IU, may make the roster for the Colts come training camp time. The Colts also picked up linebacker Kyle Shotwell, defensive end JJ Milan, tight end Zac Herold and offensive linemen Tala Esera.

~Bob Kravitz, a columnist for the Indianapolis Star, wrote an article that said that Dungy should leave on his terms. Great, the problem is that he talked about he disappointed he was with only one championship. To be honest, I wanted more championships. The Colts could have won more championships, but they won one. Since 1984 (the Colts' first year in Indy), these are the teams that haven't won the Super Bowl-Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Texans, Jaguars, Titans, Bengals, Browns, Chargers, Chiefs, Eagles, Vikings, Lions, Falcons, Saints, Panthers, Cardinals, and Seahawks. I'll take one Super Bowl and some disappointing postseasons over being any of those teams. I don't know about you, but being the Braves of the NFL is better than being the Cubs of the NFL.

~The Colts are in trouble with the media. At halftime, the hometown fans booed a 14 year old girl who won a punt, pass, and kick contest. She was from New Hampshire and was wearing a Patriots jersey. Okay, there are two types of booing. There is agressive and non-agressive booing. Booing does not have to be in bad taste. I'm sure they didn't hate her or want ill on her. It was all in good fun. Ease up. Stop trying to find flaws in a classy organization.

~Tyjuan Hagler was resigned today. 1.417 million dollars for one year. That's a pretty good deal on both ends. We get to keep a starter for very cheap, and he gets a pay raise. Everyone is happy.

~The Colts defensive coordinator Ron Meeks and quarterbacks coach/assistant head coach Jim Caldwell have interviewed for the Redskins job. I'll consider that the Rooney Rule technique. Gregggggggggggggggg Williams will get the job fairly soon.


Anonymous said...

You are right about Roby. He has 4.3 speed, good hands, runs good routs, can return kicks (approx. 27 yard average his rookie year), can return punts-although he has not returned punts since his freshman season. Roby's a class act, intelligent, a great athlete with great bloodlines (his cousin is the late Reggie Roby, arguably the second best punter in league history-Ray Guy-and his uncle is former IU Wide Receiver Great Rob Turner, while another cousin is former IU Basketball Great Landon Turner). His best attribute is that he knows football, studies football, and is a model citizen from a very good family.

Local Team Homer said...

Thanks for commenting. I didn't know all of this about Roby. It's good for the Colts to get another good player on and off the field. I'm glad that the Colts picked up a player I knew, and he could make a big impact in special teams and on offense. God, I'm ready for training camp.