Thursday, January 17, 2008

Booing Or Beating: Which One's Worse?

Those classless Colts fans struck again. First they pump in sound to the stadium. Wait, I'm sorry. We used our black magic to mess with the CBS broadcast. We are so evil do it with every other broadcast on CBS. Don't forget we turned up the heat in the RCA Dome for the AFC Championship Game, which forced Tom Brady to throw that late interception. Now, we are booing 14 year old girls for wearing an opposing teams' jersey. Aren't we the worst?

Anna Grant, a 14-year-old girl from New Hampshire, won the Punt, Pass, and Kick contest and was being honored at the Colts game. When they got to calling her name, the Colts fans booed. She was so scarred by this that she started laughing. I am just shocked. Booing a rival's fan? That's crazy. I've never heard of that before. Colts fans should be ashamed. Booing is a mortal sin! The Patriots, of course, are perfect and would never do something like that.

They just cheap shot (props for Stampede Blue for referencing readers to this) opposing team's fans and relatives after the game.

Brian Wormstead, his friend, and his cousins (who are Jaguars fans) were leaving the Patriots-Jags game when they were approached by drunk Patriots fans. The fans were being annoying, or as I say, Patriot fans, and were told to make like a banana and split (pwnage). They then proceeded to beat the living daylight out of the fans.

Anna Grant is going to remember the intense booing by getting to flip the coin to start the game. Wormstead and his friends will remember this with their cuts and bruises.

So let me get this straight. Colts fans are terrible people for a friendly booing, and the Patriots fans who assaulted a woman get no mention in the media. That seems fair. Patriots fans seem certain that the Colts are classless for booing someone. In 2006, I went to the Georgia Tech-Notre Dame game in Atlanta, and my sister (10) and I were booed. Where's my story? Why aren't I flipping the coin for Notre Dame? I didn't care. I laughed. It was funny.

What did she expect going into a rival's stadium wearing a rival's shirt? A standing ovation and for us to bow down to her? No way, Jose. That's not how it works. It's booing, get over it. It didn't hurt anyone. She was fine.

The Patriots and Jaguars fans who were assaulted have gotten zilch. This is crazy. This happened on Patriots' property in a Gillette Stadium parking lot. How does booing become front page news on, while this is buried in the Boston Herald. Doesn't make any sense to me.

Speaking of classless

Here is video footage of a giant taunting from the Patriots. Peter Griffin is behind it.

This episode sucked. This was easily the funniest moment in it. I was watching this, and suddenly this becomes a musical. I had to check the TV Guide on my TV to see if I was watching Family Guy. Here's what I noticed.

~The refs have an endless amount flags. That's awesome.

~I like how all of the players besides Brady were dancing, but then when they get back to the locker room, they are all mad at Peter.

~Why is there a marching band? Do the Pats have a band? Why are there bands in the NFL?

~Where are the names on the back of the jersey?

~Peter is a pretty good singer for not being able to speak coherently.

~What is Shipoopi?

That's my blog. Remember fans. Don't boo. Assaulting is all right. Booing is crossed the line.

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