Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Plead the Fifth!

The fifth round. The somewhat late point of the draft. I consider it the forgotten round. It isn't considered very low where the players thank the gods they got drafted, but it isn't high enough for the players to be cocky. Before we get to the 3 prospects, let's see some of the notable Indianapolis Colts to come out of the fifth round.

Golden Tate/RB/1984: To be honest, I don't know anything about him. He was a fifth round pick in 1984, but I can't find anything else on him. But what I do know is that his namesake plays for Notre Dame. Hey dad, have your son study the playbook a bit more.

Brad Scioli/DE/1999: Scioli wasn't very good, but his name sounded like Ravioli, so I think that's why he stayed around for so long.

Robert Mathis/DE/2003: Mathis is a great pass rusher. Pass rushers always seem to fall. How often do you here about the great pass rushers getting drafted in the top 10?

Jake Scott/OG/2004: Scott may have played his last game for the Colts against the Bolts. He's a free agent and may not be back.

Tyjuan Hagler/LB/2005: Hagler was a no-name special teamer at the beginning of the year. Now he's a starting linebacker on one of the top defenses in the league. Funny how a few injuries can make a career.

Roy Hall/WR/2007: Does the name ring a bell? No? Well, it will in a few years. This guy is for real. The Colts offensive machine will continue for a long time with Anthony Gonzalez and Roy Hall.

So that leads us to 2008. Where will the Colts go? Here are the 3 guys the Colts should look out for. The Colts have already touched on running back, guard, and linebacker.

Bobbie Williams/S/Bethune-Cookman: The Colts have had some success with small schools defensive backs (Antoine Bethea ring a bell?), and Williams is a ball hawker. The Colts have some good young corners, but they need another safety.

Johnny Dingle/DE/West Virginia: Dingle could definitely succeed in a pass rushing situation, where the Colts definitely need help.

Joey Haynos/TE/Maryland: Haynos is a giant! 6-8!?!? That's amazing. However, he isn't a blocker. He had 67 receptions combined the past two years.

The Colts have to go with Dingle here. However, like the Colts' Craphonso Thorpe and Kosuke Fukudome of the Cubs, stink it up, and you have a bad nickname forever. No one wants to be called Dingleberry, no matter how immature and funny it is.

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