Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who Said A Little Depth Would Hurt?

Round 4 now. The Colts have been getting some quality players in the later rounds. Kevin Smith and Adam Kraus would make the offense all the more potent. However, they still need depth at some defensive positions, which will be the main target on the second day. Here are the top 5 prospects for the Colts to get in the fourth round.

Greyson Gunheim/DE/Washington: This is Greyson's second appearance. He is projected as a 4th rounder, so he could be the Colts' pick right here. He is a speedy defensive end who plays like Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney.

Bryan Smith/LB/McNeese State: I guess you could question the level of competition, but the 40 doesn't lie. He is an extremely fast linebacker, and he is pretty good in the pass rush, which may be good if Freeney doesn't regain his form.

DJ Parker/S/Virginia Tech: Parker is an undersized safety who is very strong. Who does that remind you of? Coming from Virginia Tech, he is very fast and could help on special teams.

Zach Bowman/CB/Nebraska: Bowman is coming off of back-to-back serious knee injuries. His draft stock has plummeted due to this. However, he is insanely talented and may have been a star if he didn't get injured. The Colts may want to take a chance on him and see if he can pull and Antonio Cromartie.

Louis Holmes/DE/Arizona: Another defensive end. Holmes has all the talent in the world. He just can't put it together. The Colts may want to give him a chance. He could be great with his combination of size and speed.

The Colts here should take Bryan Smith. Smith is reminiscent of a Tampa 2 linebacker. He is fast and can get to the ball. The Colts need some depth at linebacker. He could be a valuable asset if there would be another trend of injuries like the Colts had at linebacker this year.

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