Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gridiron News: May 14th

I'm pretty bored right now, so I will just talk about the teams who aren't the Colts.

~Spygate is coming to an end. Of course, Arlen Spector is trying his hardest to keep it alive. Way to go Pennsylvania. You couldn't elect a person who cared more about the government than football. I'm disappointed that there are no more punishments, and it really shows the weakness of Roger Goodell. They lose 1 million dollars and 1 first round pick for taping one game, but then when dozens more come including offensive signals and a playoff game, nothing more happens. I would definitely take 3 Super Bowl rings for just a loss of a first rounder and a million dollars. Belichick and the Patriots will end up getting the Barry Bonds treatment with the acknowledgment that their Super Bowl championships are tainted.

~Kenny Wright was cut by the Browns for his arrest last month. There was a disturbance and the police were called. When the cops came to confront Wright, he ran away. The police found an ounce of Mary Jane is his car as well. I don't think he would have been cut if he didn't run away like a wimp. Why would you do that? The police will catch you. This isn't the south in the 60s with moonshine. You can't get away. The NFL is gaining the thug league moniker the NBA has received from the fans and media.

~Terrell Suggs and the Ravens have gotten into a dispute with his franchise tag. The Ravens tagged him as a linebacker, but he wanted the defensive end tag, which earns almost 1 million dollars more. Suggs is a hybird defensive end/outside linebacker. I think it may be time to make that its own position and give it its own tag. This is going to be a frustrating ordeal for the Ravens and Suggs.

There you go. PCS's first Gridiron News.

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