Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let's Make This Official

Dominic Rhodes has signed a contract with the Colts. 1 year, $605,000. That is cheap for someone who just a year earlier should have been the Super Bowl MVP. Things keep on looking worse and worse for Kenton Keith.

Now, Roosevelt Colvin is the next big name that could be a Colt. He's expressed interest, and he owns a house in Geist.

With the Rhodes addition, the Colts now have 5 players who have played a regular season game for another team: Adam Vinatieri, Keiwan Ratliff, Luke Lawton, and Clift Dawson are the others. With the chance that Ratliff, Lawton, and Dawson won't be with the Colts (which is very likely), the Colts will only have two, and one of them started their career in Indy. The Colts are the best home grown team in the league, and this proves that free agency is just for show.

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