Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Super Bowl Is Coming to Indianapolis


The 2012 Super Bowl will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. For Indianapolis, this is the biggest thing to happen to the city since the Colts moved here. The economic factor from this is going to change the city in almost every way.

The Super Bowl Village that will be built will be one of the coolest things you can find in a metropolitan area. However, the biggest effect will happen outside of the downtown area.

With this Super Bowl, the Near East Side is going to be rebuilt. The east side is the ghetto of Indianapolis, and it is not one of the proudest areas of the city. With the money the city got from the NFL and anonymous business donors, that will be changing as neighborhoods and the local high school, Tech High, will be built into an area that can be embraced by the city.

The 2012 Super Bowl is going to be a huge event that should leave a lasting memory on the city of Indianapolis.

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