Saturday, May 17, 2008

Marvin Reports And Other Minicamp News

Marvin Harrison reported to minicamp. Not even a shooting he was indirectly involved in can't keep him away. Of course, he did not participate. He is recovering from his knee injury and his arthroscopic surgery on his other knee.

Harrison will NEVER be charged in this case. He did not pull the trigger. He is not guilty of this crime. The conflicting reports automatically make this case ridiculous. I've lost track of them. The kid who got hurt was a boy, not a girl as previously stated, and was hit under the eye, not in the eye. There isn't this third victim who could identify Marvin as the shooter. Marvin was not under a hit because of his dad. His dad has been dead for decades. This case is closed. However, it did ruin his reputation in the eyes of idiots who want the Colts to sink to the level of other, less honorable teams.

In other news,

~Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney did not play because of their surgeries. Sanders had his yearly surgery, this time on his shoulder. Freeney is still recovering from the Lis Franc injury.

~Marcus Howard is out. It was not disclosed as to why.

~Ryan Lilja, Michael Coe, Gary Brackett, and TJ Rushing also missed. Brackett and Coe were undisclosed. Lilja has a knee injury, and Rushing has a pectoral injury. Rushing cannot miss too much time. He has a lot of competition for the kick return job.

~Dominic Rhodes is wearing number 38. Melvin Bullitt wears his previous number 33 now. The picture of Rhodes with the 38 jersey looks really weird.

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