Friday, May 2, 2008

Remember, This Is ALLEGED

However, it still scares me.

Marvin Harrison has been connected to a shooting outside of "Playmakers", his bar, in Philadelphia. A man came to the club at 5 PM and caused a disturbance. On his way out, the future Hall of Fame receiver followed him, and gunfire broke out. The man had his hand grazed by a bullet, and a bystander was hit by shattered glass.

The police determined that it was Harrison's gun which fired the bullets found at the scene of the crime. It was found at his car wash.

No one has been charged with a crime, and the one witness did not identify a shooter. However, there is another witness that is stepping forward to comment. Marvin has been interviewed by the Philadelphia police, and there are no current subjects.

Of course, the fan reception is over the top. On ESPN's boards, which are notorious for being the gathering grounds of the world's biggest idiots, the grammar-deprived posters have compared him to Michael Vick, a dog-killer, and said he murdered someone. If you ever feel like a moron, just go on those boards to read some of the posts.

Now, this is way over the top. Marvin will be charged with a misdemeanor for sure because of gun laws in Philly. As the shooting goes, I would not convict him yet. If it was Marvin, I would think that multiple witnesses would have stepped up. This was in a public place. Marvin isn't Pacman Jones, and he isn't Tank Johnson. Let's calm down on the accusations. There is still a lot of information that is still out there.

What I expect is the more information that comes out, the less likely Marvin was a shooter in this incident.


zzzz111 said...


Keep defending the thug.

Just because he helped you win a trophy gives him right to hurt people.

LOL. Stupid fans never fail to back thugs and criminals who play sports.

Local Team Homer said...


Keep being ignorant.

Just because he is famous doesn't mean he automatically committed the crime.

LOL. Stupid fans never fail to jump to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

If you knew anything about Marvin at all, I think you'd realize he's a quiet, nice man who simply goes out on the field, does his job and leaves. He's no loud mouth like the Pac Man Jones who goes and gets himself in trouble, multiple times if I might add. I do not believe that he is responsible, however if he was in a fight and angry who knows, the evidence seems a little overwhelming. The gun being found at his car wash seems suspicious.